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that crippled the u.s. economy. craig bosswell has the latest detail. >> reporter: the yays are 60, the nays are 39. the report is agreed to. >> reporter: the senate approved the broadest overhaul financial rule since the great depression. >> giving consumers and taxpayers the strongest protect they had. >> reporter: it creates a new consumer protection bureau untended to protect consumers from predatory lenders and eliminates banks investments and gives the government more power to dismantle troubled financial firms. >> ending too big to fail, never again, ever again should we have to go through what we did in the fall of 2008, to ask the american taxpayer to write a check for $700 billion. when you add it all together, this is going to lead to credit contraction of probably a trillion or more. >> reporter: republicans say the more than 530 new regulations in the 2300-plus page bill will hinder job creation, create more taxes while not addressing the government's role in the financial crisis. >> it does nothing to reform the government-responder -- sponsored enterprises that many believe to
from sky fox. this landmark spy swap arranged by top officials of the u.s. and russian governments after days of secret negotiations. david lee miller has the details. >> reporter: the f.b.i. watched them for years but just days after their arrest, ten people convicted of spying for russia are handed over to moscow. the united states in return getting four russian prisoners. on thursday the ten agents pleaded guilty in a new york federal court before being whisked away to laguardia's airport where they boarded a private jet. from there it was off to neutral ground, vienna, austria. less than two hours later the spy swap was completed on a remote part of the runway and the planes were back in the air. it's unclear where the ten arrested in the united states will end up but anna chapman arguably the most well known returned to russia and is unlikely to ever step foot on u.s. soil ever again. >> under the agreement that she signed, she can only come back to the united states after direct authorization by the united states government. it is highly unlikely they would ever grant such au
, develop cleaner fuels. >> reporter: the head of the u.s. travel association wants the giant to set aside half a billion at marketing campaign aimed at getting tourists back to the gulf. craig boswell, fox 5 news. >>> we have continuing coverage at log on 24/7 for instant updates or take a look at the six live underwater cameras. >>> military documents leaked. the defense department is on damage control and changes could be coming to national security. the latest in what some are calling a covert crisis. that is ahead at 5:30. >>> months since tragedy struck. some of the youngest victims continue to face challenges. haitian orphans rescued after the earthquake kept from becoming u.s. citizens. ol i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals for my bird friends. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i have to take care of myself. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can
the white house by immigrant families and their supporters. [ speaking in spanish ] >> these are u.s. citizen children, 500 u.s. citizen children, representing 4 million citizen children in this country who have one or more parents undocumented, who have either been deported or in deportation or living in fear of deportation. >> nobody should be separated from the family. no children should be living away from the parents. >> my parents are illegal immigrants and they are treated like criminals and that's not fair. they are only here to work hard, and they've done this so far for 22 years. and i don't see any reason they should go to jail. >> unfortunately obama administration in spite of rhetoric and stance has increased enforcement since the bush administration. we have over 1100 people a day arrested and deported. most of these people have families. that means that between 10,002,000 u.s. citizen children -- 1,000 and 2000 u.s. citizen children see their parents taken by armed men every day. >> reporter: reverend coleman and others call those children of deported illegals obama o
the u.s. administration and a lot of investors in the company have expected him to resign. so it is very much expected now. >> reporter: he kept a low profile recently, after a painful congressional hearing, being seen at a yacht race and controversial comments. >> i'd like my life back. >> reporter: they report negotiations on a severance package. the next ceo could be robert dudly that took over his job of overseeing the cleanup in june. he grew up in mississippi, spent 20 years at amoco before they merged with bp. >> americans will be pleased to see that the person that's the favorite to replace tony hayward is american himself. >> reporter: whoever replaces hayward has a lot of cleaning up to do, not just the oil but convincing the u.s. government and citizens bp can be trusted. and the damage is done on the gulf coast. this louisiana marina is empty on a summer weekend. >> in the summer, normally we are very full. our parking lot would normally be loaded with trailers. right now, i count six. >> reporter: bp and the government say the r
of the spy museum says the swap is aimed at getting u.s. and russia relations back on track after years of tensions. >> it's a real distraction. quite clearly from everything we are hearing, they want to get this behind them. yes, it's a bump. let's go over it and keep moving. i think that's part of what is behind -- that's a major part of what is behind it. >> reporter: there is an 11th defendant still at large after fleeing authorities in cypress following his release on bail. but all signs point to this being a done deal, u.s. and russia dealing one of the largest spy swaps in history. >> why release them now. they were just arrested. don't we need to find out what they know. >> we asked the experts. they say there are two factors, the diplomatic and espionage factor. he said the case has been going on for 10 years. they know what the suspects know. the bigger factor right now is their value on the diplomatic front. the white house has been trying to hit the restart button on its relations with russia. a couple of days ago russian president dmitri medvedev was with the president tryi
together between carroll and howard county and up into baltimore county along u.s. 29, high 29 and i-70, there around ellicott city. let me do this so i can give you a better idea. follow my occurser, north of columbia. this is the suspicious area of the storm. this is what they are watching. this tornado warning runs until 5:30. this is not a confirmed tornado. this is a radar indicated tornado. it's again near ellicott city which is at the intersection of u.s. 29 and i-70 there. it is moving to ellicott city, milford mill, woodlawn, kay tonville is in there it's moving down to the southeast and it's moving about 30 miles per hour. again, i will move in tighter to give you an idea of the area of concern where this storm is capable of producing a tornado. that will be right along the i- 70 corridor, right in here. there is that interchange that takes you south on highway 29 down to columbia, down to 100 and in here is he will cot city. that's not popping up on the map here but that's where it is. it's a radar indicated tornado. there is no confirmation of any tornado here. this radar in
the same day that 9 of the suspects appeared in the u.s. for bail hearings held in boston, new york and here in virginia. sherri ly is live with more. >> reporter: today was the first time they got a look at the three virginia spy suspects. it lasted a few minutes. the attorneys for michael vitolli and patricia mills asked to delay their bail hearing until tomorrow and saying they got new information. michael zatolli and pratishia mills, a suspended husband-and- wife team from arlington and their accused accomplice will remain in jail. their bail hearing put off another day. the couple's attorneys claimed they had received new information from the government and provided no details. it's unclear if that was the bomb shell dropped in this letter and sent by prosecutors to the judge in new york and describing a concession by one of suspects, juan lazarro. federal agents say he admitted that was not his real name and that one of the other suspects had re-laid letters to the, quote, service on his behalf. the prosecution argued that based on thof the new york susp court for bail hearing
the u.s. secret service that helped trace the money. a search warrant on a home in manassas turned up $5,900 in fake bills. a man at the home was arrested. investigators believe the money was brought to the u.s. from peru. >>> a new fox 5 franchise asking the question is the world broke. evidence of a tough job market, federal jobs fair at the national building museum is bringing out thousands of people. these aren't positions for high- level government careers. wisdom martin is live outside the job fair'. >> reporter: this is the largest ever job fair put on by the partnership for public service. we are talking about hundreds looking for jobs, meeting with more than 80 federal agencies -- actually thousands of people here that you can see. it's packed in this building. it has been that way the past couple of hours. their target are the people in college, recently graduated or in grad school. the government wants to fill more than 50,000 entry level jobs over the next 12 months along with 60,000 paid internships. those are available in just about every interest and skill in the 50 states
.c. couple was sentenced after admitting they spied against the u.s. government. now agent 202 and agent 123 are on their way to federal prison for a very long type. fox 5's matt ackland was in federal court when kendall and gwendolyn myers were sentenced. >> reporter: they had top security access. the judge sent kendall to prison for life but his wife was sentenced to 81 months in prison with a chance for her to see freedom again. as they walked into court, the last thing you would think that this smiling, polite elderly couple spied against the u.s. government for almost 30 years. federal prosecutors called them traders, secret agents, a couple living a double life right here in our backyard. before sentencing, 73-year-old kendall meyers said, quote, i acted illegally to help protect the cuban people. he went on to say, quote, we didn't act out of anger towards the united states. after being arrested the couple admitted to authorities that they stole and transmitted united states top secret documents to the cuban government. kendall myers had a top security clearance at the state departmen
. >>> the u.s. is committed to ending the pandemic of aids. they appeared at a conference on aids in austria. the u.s. was the largest donor of aids funding in 2009. >>> and a cancer vaccine is making a difference in keeping tumors from returning in some patients. we're introduced to a man who travels from florida to california for a life saying treatment. >> he's on a first name basis here at the hospital. he's walked the path to the scanner every eight weeks for the past two years. today, he'll get another scan to see if his brain tumor is in remission. this creates images of the structures in his scan. >> it will be a minute and a half, here we go. >> reporter: the color makes its way to the doctor. >> on today's study, we had a new nub that wasn't there before. this is really suspicious. >> the tumor is back. >> oh! you can't put it into words. i knew it was tough. >> reality is reality. i kind of accepted the fact that i'm lucky to be here. >> they come back often at six months, but it took two years for his to return. >> it ain't over y
crimes. the u.s. attorneys office confirms the person was scheduled to go to trial on federal charges in november, and is being held without bond. so he is off the streets. >> do we know anymore about this man who's already in jail? >> well, we are told by our sources that he lived in the area where the women were killed. we're also told he worked for a company that delivers packages. he had access to addresses and other personal information. >> beth, thank you. >>> police in frederick, maryland, are showing off these drugs and guns that they seized in a bust. an officer stopped a car for traffic violation and says a person in the car took off with a duffel bag. investigators say they searched the car and found ten pounds of marijuana, 380-grams of cocaine and two handguns. they arrested two georgia men, including one they say ran away from the car. >>> a witness helped to lead police to three bank robbery suspects in anne arundel county. they are charged with robbing the td bank on saturday in glen burnie. investigators say a man handed the teller a hold up note. the witness followed
in the interior lobby of the building. u.s. capital police were not amused. the banner said green jobs now and get to work, a plea for the senate to pass legislation addressing climate change. glick was offered a plea deal. >> i did not think it was an appropriate sentence to spend 30 days in jail for hanging a banner in a nonviolent, nondisruptive protest. >> reporter: he knew there was a risk and his wife regards it as a calculated risk. >> why not hold them on the sidewalk where it's legal. >> that's a good question. we have done that then nothing happens. >> reporter: prosecutors wanted jail time because of two other misdemeanor arrests on federal property in recent years. they asked for 40 days jail time. superior court judge said i don't think any particular purpose would be served with a sentence of jail time. $1,100 in fines and a suspended 30-day sentence which will kick in only if ted glick is arrested during a one year probationary period. he plans to stay out of trouble. >> it's unlikely that i would consciously put myself in a situation of risking arrest. that's unlikely. >> reporter:
. a u.s. arrest warrant against polanski is still in effect. >>> the barefoot bandit is facing extradition to to the u.s. from the bahamas. police say he has stolen cars, notes and planes and left signs saying the barefoot bandit. they saw him trying to escape in a stolen speedboat. he is facing a long list of charges. >>> day 84 of the gulf oil disas and the am of oil collected from the busted well could rise dramatically. crews are working to put a new cap on the well and get ready to fire up another containment stress until the gulf. johnathon is in new orleans with the latest. >> reporter: the national oil spill commission kicks off the first of two days of meetings here in new orleans. the seven members of the presidentially appointed panel have two goals in mind, investigating the cause and effects of the spill. cochair william riley says input from folks along the gulf is crucial to make sure a disaster of this size never happens again. >> no voice matters more than those whose lives and livelihoods have been harmed and whose lands and waters have been fouled by oil. >>
it plans to recall 270,000 vehicles worldwide. 138,000 here in the u.s. a flaw in the engine could cause the automobiles to stall while in motion. no accidents or injuries have been ored. >>> a half million people packed the national mall to celebrate the nation's birthday and crews worked to clean up the mess they left behind. they broke down cardboard boxes to serve as temporary trash cans. >>> our top story tonight, this is the first in a string of really hot days. we know it can be dangerous out there. you have to be careful for sure. >> a lot of people are hydrating themselves. what's the best advice, stay inside? >> i think so. i don't want to belabor this, it is awful hot out there but we are getting a little break from the humidity and looks like -- all the numbers i'm looking at, and i'm trying to figure out when the humidity comes back with full force but maybe wednesday if you notice more humidity. upper 90s is hot for us but we not talking 106 to 110 heat index. it is a localized heat wave. it is not for everybody. talk about that in the full weather. let me show you as we go
are going to be our biggest concerns. >> reporter: the u.s. park service is promising this year's fireworks display will be others in the past and they want visitors to come prepared with a travel plan, a heat- relief plan and to deal with other celebrating americans. just some quick facts about the fireworks diplay on sunday and that will begin at 9:10 p.m. and that will last 17 minutes and 7 six. the cost for the fireworks alone is $226,000 that doesn't include security and other emergency services. >> and thank you for that update. >>> a traffic alert for anyone on the roads. the maryland lap. agencies promise that there is zero tolerance for drunk drivers. y that setting up dui checkpoints and concentrating officers in areas known with to have a high number of driving accidents or arrests. >>> perfect weather to go into that 4th of july weekend. it can't last, no summer is coming back and that looks like it's in time for the 4th of july. what are we talking here, gary? >> reporter: i have good news and bad news. the good news is this forecast hasn't changed the last few days. as you sai
be in place. it was written by staffers and legal council in the u.s. customs and immigration services branch of the department of homeland security. >> they know they can't get amnesty through the congress. why not use a backdoor approach and be as secretive as you can about it and as creative as you can about it. >> i have not seen -- and i don't think they have circulated a lot through this. the white house doesn't support amnesty. people supporting reform don't support amnesty either. >> homeland security officials won't comment on draft memos and add they shouldn't be equated with official department action or policy. >>> it was a rocky start for training camp. the redskins $100 million man. after failing a conditioning test yesterday, albert haines worth got another chance today. dave feldman is live with more did that second chance make a difference? >> reporter: not for him. he didn't pass again. the second straight day. albert haines worth came out and took a conditioning test and did not pass. he was not allowed to practice at 8:30 and didn't go through the walk threw that is going
here in the u.s. but as far away as japan. >> reporter: he entered a guilty plea for molesting a 16-year-old manassas boy. prosecutors dropped the other three charges in this case. other than that, ricks didn't have much to say in the courtroom, but a mountain of evidence uncovered by detectives spoke volumes about this man's past. kevin ricks showed little, if any, emotion as he entered his guilty plea in court to molesting a student. ricks was a teacher at osborn high school in manassas until earlier this year. commonwealth attorney paul ebert said he had a way of befriending not only his victims but also their families. >> he was cunning and smart. he endeared himself to people. a lot of people could not believe he would do such a thing. >> reporter: in manassas city police detectives testified in court about the incident that eventually led to ricks' arrest. the 16-year-old victim told police about two encounters with ricks over a christmas break from school in 2009 telling police that on one occasion ricks gave him tequila shots and molested him. >> he used a method of getting
reports of a spy swap with russia. the russian government and the u.s. is refusing to comment on the reports but a brother of a man being held in russia says a spy swap is in the works. that suspect was moved from a prison came top a detention center in mass so. >>> we are learning more about the plan to bomb subways in new york city. prosecutors are saying the plot was part of a bigger al-qaeda conspiracy. they believe an al-qaeda leader in charge of organizing attacks worldwide was directly involved in the new york at attempt. ing one general eric holder of the most dangerous since 9- 11. >>> reaction to the obama administration's decision to sue the state of arizona is now coming in. the lawsuit is an attempt to stop arizona's controversial new immigration law. jennifer davis has the details. >> reporter: ' self described leaders gather outside the white house bring the call for immigration reform to his doorstep. >> we are challenging an unjust law. >> reporter: it's arizona's controversial immigration law that allows police investigating any issue to ask for the immigrat
across the u.s. allison seymour is tracking the nation's weather woes. >> trees were sideways coming in sheets. >> reporter: a severe storm strikes connecticut. >> it got dark. a lot of wind, people looking for cover. i'm running to look for my things. >> reporter: state police and weather officials are surveying the damage. a tornado warning was in effect for several counties when the storm struck. >> massive path of destruction. very big. >> reporter: parts of kentucky saw flash flooding because of heavy rain. 6 inches fell near the border with west virginia. it's so hot in pennsylvania the cows had enough. fans are running nonstop. the farmer expects to lose two grand in profits this month. >> we will loose milk but hopefully we won't lose any cows. you got to take the weather, what you get. >> reporter: in phoenix, arizona, it's monsoon season. it's kicking up sand from the desert and it's being carried into the metro area. in flagstaff flash flooding is the concern. >> never seen anything like it. there is nothing there to stop the rain. allison seymour, fox 5 news. >>> more tha
in the form of one massive government intrusion after another. and then they celebrate. >> reporter: the u.s. chamber of commerce which says it represents the interests of three million businesses also opposes the new law. in a statement its president says the legislation will actually burden businesses and their workers. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. >>> beating the battle of the bulge, getting insurance companies to pay for weight loss surgery is not easy. what's being done right now to help you shed the pounds and save smu cash. that story is ahead tonight at 5:-- is a you some cash. that story is ahead tonight at 5:45. square dancin' to the blt. the subway $5 footlong blt'll line dance across your tastebuds. crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato form a hoedown of taste. n' swing that partner round to one of our many sauces. crank up the flavor at subway. so it should comecer ] subway isas no surprisesh. that we serve up iced tea that's fresh brewed daily. thirst-quenching fuze fresh brewed iced tea. it's a dee-licious way to refresh, and it's chillin' at subway. >>> there's no fish
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21